Virtual Workshop on Electricity Markets in Transition: Privatization, Competition, and Regional Cooperation

Date: 4 – 5 November 2020 , 12:20P.M – 4:00 P.M


The liberalization of the global electricity sector has subjected electricity markets to varying levels of competition and regulation. Growing demand for electricity and investment in the sector in Asia and the Pacific is prompting the region’s developing economies to strengthen their energy reform agendas while taking into account the need to raise the share of renewable energy in electricity generation.

This ADBI virtual workshop will feature new research on the liberalization of the global electricity sector, resulting variations in competition and regulation, and energy reform outlook for developing Asia and the Pacific. Among the focuses will include effective policy development, raising renewable energy share in electricity generation, and prospects for greater regional cooperation within the sector.

  • Explore electricity reform experiences and lessons learned
  • Guide electricity sector planning and design for developing economies in Asia and the Pacific and beyond
  • Policy makers and experts from think tanks, universities, and other institutions, as well as post-graduate students
  • Enhanced understanding of recent electricity market reforms
  • Impetus for greater policy dialogue and research on electricity markets and increasing renewable energy share in electricity generation
  • Presentation slides to be made publicly available on the ADBI website
  • Papers presented during the workshop will be considered for publication as ADBI working papers and possible inclusion in a journal special issue

HostAsian Development Bank Institute – ADBI

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