Application of import/export permits more secure with Trade Net 2.0

The application of export and import permits online via Myanmar Trade Net 2.0 is secure and can help curb corruption , said the director general at the Ministry of Commerce can be applied online and security systems are in place to protect the user and applicants mentioned during a press conference on Trade Net 2.0. Trade Net 2.0 assists paperless trade – the digital trade.

It partly assists in implementing our e-government system. Data can be securely shared between government agencies and information leakage will not occur. Moreover, it is also mentioned that import and export permits can be applied anywhere at anytime, as long as internet service can be accessed. There is no contact between businesspeople and departments at all. They have also planned to improve security of the the system.

In the banking sector, even if the end user’s account is breached, the culprit will not be able to carry our (transactions) without a One Time Passcode according to the deputy director. The system however does not allow for the application of special permits. These will still have to be applied for in person. There are currently 3,430 people registered with Myanmar Trade Net 2.0. A total of 756 cards related to export and import and 1,617 import permits have been processed with the online system.

Source: Myanmar Times

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