So far in August, 133 tonnes of Bowser vehicles, 32 tonnes of oxygen tanks, Covid-19 immunizations, including 22813 home oxygen concentrators have been imported

According to the Ministry of Commerce, 133 tonnes of Bowser oxygen was delivered, 32 tons with liquid oxygen tank, 22813 home oxygen machines, 135942 Test Kit Covid-19 vaccine supplies, including five 183-tonne oxygen generators, have been imported in August. Currently, with the rise in the third wave of Covid-19 outbreaks across the country, there is an urgent need for oxygen-related drugs for Covid-19 immunization control so that Ministry of Commerce is coordinating with the relevant ministries to import from sea ports and border trade points without delay.

From 12 to 29 July, 670 tons of Oxygen (Bowser), 517 tons with liquefied petroleum gas; 53,875 home oxygen generators; 306,078 test kits, 869 tons of masks; five Oxygen Plants; Covid-19 vaccine supplies, including five oxygen generators have been imported, according to the Ministry of Commerce. On July 20, the International Airport; Maritime ports and border trade ports and Muse; Chin Shwe Haw Myawaddy Tachileik 76 companies from Mawtaung, 51 vehicles with 43 tons of Oxygen (Bowser); 29 tons of liquid oxygen tank; Four Oxygen Generators 3978 Home Oxygen Concentrators; 20,000 test kits; 55 tons of masks were imported.

On July 19, eighty-four companies from Muse, Chin Shwe Haw, Myawaddy, Tachileik the Mawtaung border trade points sold 57.24 tonnes of Oxygen (Bowser) vehicles; 36.040 tons with liquid oxygen tank; 25,590 tons with liquefied petroleum gas; 5053 Home Oxygen Concentrator; , 500 test kits and 75,546 kg of masks were imported, according to the Ministry of Commerce. The Ministry of Commerce has allowed the import of Covid-19 protective equipment and liquid oxygen, which require a license, without the need for a license. Import of Oxygen Concentrators is also allowed to be imported quickly with a 5% commercial tax exemption without the need to apply for an import license with the approval of the Food and Drug Administration.

Source: Daily Eleven

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