Price of watermelon exported to China keeps falling

According to the Myanmar Melon Producers and Exporters Association, the prices of the watermelon exported to China are continuously falling.
“Although the watermelons fetched over 7,000 Yuans per tonne at the end-November of last year, the price has currently fallen to 2,300 Yuans per tonne,” said U Naing Win, chairperson of the association. “The price of watermelon is at its lowest price. Now, the watermelon is priced only at 2,300 Yuans per tonne for the high-quality ones. At the end of November, the watermelon price rose to 7,400 Yuans per tonne. However, the price is now only 2,300 Yuans per tonne,” he added. Besides, the price of muskmelon is ranging between 3,500 and 4,000 Yuans per tonne. About 200 trucks carrying the watermelon and 50 trucks carrying the muskmelon are entering China through Muse border area.

At present, Myanmar exports its watermelons and muskmelons mainly to China. Last December, Myanmar exported 25 tonnes of seedless watermelons to the Dubai market for the first time. According to Myanmar Melon Producers and Exporters Association, Myanmar is also arranging to export more melons to Dubai and Qatar markets. According to the statement released by the Fruit Commodity Depot in Muse 105th Mile trade zone on 5 January, the number of fruit trucks will be limited to be able to control the melon market. Although Myanmar could export more watermelons and musk melons through Kyinsankyawt border post because of extended operating hours from 7 am to 8:30 pm that started 5 January, Myanmar will export the fruits limit to quantity to maintain the market.

The Fruit Commodity Depot at Muse 105th Mile trade zone announced on 5 January that the trucks would enter the exchange ground under the Fruit Commodity Depot and Truck Supervision Board management. Last year, Myanmar faced a problem in the export of melons to China because of COVID-19. So, the local growers and melon traders suffered significant losses because the exported melon price declined. Watermelons and muskmelons are grown across the country, excluding Kayah and Chin states. It can be harvested until coming May. Myanmar yearly exports over 800,000 tonnes of watermelons and about 150,000 tonnes of muskmelons to China, the association affirmed.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar


AYA SOMPO and Oway come together to launch first-of-its kind Comprehensive Travel Insurance for Domestic and International

AYA SOMPO Insurance (AYA SOMPO) and Oway Pte Ltd, have entered a collaboration that will make domestic and international travel a lot safer for Myanmar citizens. AYA SOMPO and Oway launched the newly approved comprehensive travel insurance products – AYA Go and AYA Joy. As Myanmar’s first-ever comprehensive travel insurance products, AYA Go and AYA Joy travel insurance benefits are unique and provide a more holistic coverage, providing coverage for a wide range of challenges travellers face during their travels. AYA Joy is focused for international travellers and provides benefits for baggage loss, flight delay compensation, accident, hospitalisation, medical expense and personal liability coverage. AYA Go is for domestic travellers, providing coverage for medical/hospitalisation expenses, personal liability coverage, and accidental death payout. An optional child education fund is also offer under AYA Go.

The CEO of the AYA SOMPO said that they are delighted to receive approval from the Financial Regulatory Department (FRD) on our new comprehensive travel insurance products AYA Go and AYA Joy. As the first of their kind in the market, AYA Go and AYA Joy provide a more complete protection to travellers. AYA SOMPO continuously innovates not only in the digital services, but also the product offerings. They are one of the insurance companies in Myanmar to provide customers easy access to insurance products through innovative channels, enhancing the overall customer experience which includes an online submission of claims through our website. Pre-pandemic domestic air travels reached a total of 5.7 million and domestic travels from January to September 2020 reached a total of 5.7 million and domestic travels from January to September 2020 reached 2.4 million even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CEO of Oway Group said that their partnership with AYA SOMPO is part of their commitment to make travel easy and safe for people in Myanmar. They have been consistently investing in building a robust and sustainable ecosystem for online travel to expand so millions can take advantage of this digital economy. Oway’s website, oway.com.mm is the largest online travel portal in Myanmar. Launched in 2012, Oway offers a wide range of solutions for business and leisure travellers in Myanmar. The site is a one-stop shop that allows users to book domestic and international flights, hotels, land transportation, tours, holiday packages, e-commerce, ride hailing and now insurance using multiple payment options. To find out more about AYA Go and AYA Joy Comprehensive Travel Insurance from AYA SOMPO, visit www.ayasompo.com or AYA SOMPO’s Facebook Messenger at m.me/ayasompo.

Source: Myanmar Times