Daily trade value via Wang Ding border worth over 24 mln Chinese yuan

China announced that the average daily trade value through the Wang Ding border is 24.23 million yuan and that in 2022, more than one billion was traded. Therefore, the daily trade value of the China-Myanmar border is US$3.5 million. The Shweli (Ruili) border is the largest inland port important for trade between China and Myanmar, with automatic inspection lanes (16).

There are reportedly 44 manual inspection routes and 22 vehicle inspection routes. According to Chinese statistics, the Wang Ding-Manman crossing on the border of Myanmar traded more than 7,000 tonnes of goods in 2023, and about 500 vehicles pass through it every day.

According to China’s accounting records, from 2022 to 7 February 2023, the amount of cross-border freight was 0.637 million tonnes, and the total number of incoming and outgoing vehicles was 44,874. The main force in exports and imports with household electrical appliances, machinery, daily items rubber including fruits, etc., it is stated that it is worth 1.65 billion Chinese yuan. According to these factors, trade increased more in 2023 than in 2022.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar