epa07799064 A general view shows trucks loaded containers at Asia World shipping container terminal in Yangon, Myanmar, 28 August 2019. According to figure by Myanmar Ministry of Commerce, Myanmar's total trade with foreign countries reached over 30.593 billion USD as of 16 August 2019 in present fiscal year (from 01 October 2018 to 31 September 2019), of which the export reached 14.69 billion USD while the import was 15.903 billion USD. In 2017-2018 October to September fiscal year, the total trade was 35.895 billion USD and the trade balance had a deficit of 3 billion USD. The most important exports in Myanmar are manufactured products whereas the non-electric machinery and transport equipment are the major products of imports.  EPA-EFE/LYNN BO BO

From May 1, 1131 product lines including yeast, general food, pet food, soap, raw materials, and general chemicals, will be considered as goods lines needed for import application

From May 1, 1131 product lines including yeast, general food, pet food, soap, raw materials, and general chemicals, will be considered as goods lines needed for import application according to the Customs Department. According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Commerce (5/2022) on yeast, general food, pet food, dyes, soap, raw materials, paints, general chemicals; Leather raw materials; Nylon All kinds of ropes; A total of 1,131 product lines, including machinery and equipment, have been declared as third-tier goods lines for import application.

With the HS Code 10 Digit, 1,131 product lines have been changed in the MACCS system. According to the Import / Export Newsletter (5/2022), 1131 HS lines required to apply for import licenses, pre-import declarations submitted before May 1, will be effective. In order to regulate some imported goods under the import license system, some commodity lines have been declared as import lines that need to apply for import licenses. Newsletter on Import and Export 826 and 141 (18/2021); (1/2022) and (2/2022) respectively.

Now the third step is yeast. General food Pet food Dyes Soap raw materials Lightening oil; General chemicals; Leather raw materials; Nylon All kinds of ropes; Machinery and equipment; Electric motor; According to the 2017 Customs Tariff of Myanmar, which covers products such as generators, electronics and its accessories, 536 lines with HS Code 10 Digit or 1131 lines with HS Code 10 Digit have been added as import lines from May 1, 2022.

Therefore, according to the Notification No. 68/2020 issued on 22.10.2020, it is necessary to apply for the import license with HS Code 10 Digit. HS Code 10 Digit issued by Newsletter (18/2021) with 3070 product lines; Attach 826 product lines with HS Code 10 Digit issued by Newsletter (1/2022) and 141 product lines with HS Code 10 Digit issued by Newsletter (2/2022). The goods specified in the S Code are the goods lines that need to apply for an import license, and any of the goods lines that need to apply for a license under paragraph (2) above can be imported from overseas seas. Importing from air and border trade routes will be allowed from May 1, 2022 only after applying for an import license in accordance with the procedures.

Source: Daily Eleven


Foreigners enter Yangon Int’l Airport as services return to normality

Yangon International Airport was reopened to international travellers and businesses on 17 April after a two-year closure due to COVID-19. The first flight of SQ-761 from Singapore landed at the airport at 9 am on the reopening day. Arrivals from Malaysia and Bangkok were followed, and officials welcomed them. On 17 April, 688 departures and 393 arrivals from Yangon International Airport. The service was provided by MAI and MNA airlines. The first flight was launched on 18 April by passengers from Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, and Malaysia, and a total of 517 passengers have arrived on five airlines. On 19 April, the Bangkok-Yangon flight MAI-336 landed first with 32 passengers, followed by the UB-026 Kuala Lumpur-Yangon flight with 106 passengers.

Two hundred eighty-eight passengers arrived at the airport via five airlines from China (Guangzhou), South Korea (Incheon), Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand on the same day. In the evening, Guangzhou, Incheon, and Bangkok tourists continued to arrive. “Yangon International Airport caters to all needs of travellers. Everyone is happy about the reopening of Myanmar’s best airport,” said a Yangon Aerodrome Company (YACL) official at the Yangon International Airport. “And the country’s development is only through these airports, which are the country’s gateways. The tourism industry also needs to make it more attractive for tourists. “If we work harder to revitalize the tourism sector, we will be able to surpass the previous tourist arrivals as tourists love our country’s natural beauty,” he added.

Upon arrival at Yangon International Airport, passengers are required to go to the airport health counter and show the necessary COVID-19 virus-free PCR test and immunization certificate. Once the documents have been verified, passengers can go through the immigration process and pick up their luggage. After departure from the arrival area, passengers can obtain the information on the entrance to the Health Counter Quarantine arranged by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. The quarantine will be provided with check-in and checkout transportation arrangements, and foreign travellers on commercial flights will be able to enter the hotel with a one-day quarantine.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar