Vessel registration charged $50 at border post in Rakhine State

For cross-border trade in Rakhine State, the registration of a vessel is charged US$50 and the weighted average price is set at five dollars per freight tonne as per the Marine Fisheries Law, Rakhine State Fisheries Department stated. The direct export system facilitates the trade flow and brings about more benefits to the exporters and the breeders. The department earns revenue from the vessels that directly send the fishery products to Bangladesh’s Port.

Sittway and Maungtaw border posts in Rakhine State with Bangladesh have resumed operations since 14 October 2021. Additionally, the department made efforts to raise the revenue from the aquaculture exports. In November, the revenue of US$10,250.59 was generated from 11 vessels. As of the end of October in the 2021-2022 mini-budget period, over $6.677 million worth of 5,547.57 tonnes of freshwater fish and dried fish were shipped to Bangladesh via border posts.

Freshwater fishery products constituted 65 per cent of overall seafood exports, while rohu accounted for 75 per cent of freshwater fish exports. The exports of fishery products to Bangladesh generated $6.318 million from 7,089 tonnes of seafood in the financial year 2019-2020. The trade flow plummeted drastically owing to the impacts triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic in the 2020-2021FY. Myanmar earned only $4.76 million by exporting 5,010 tonnes of fishery products last year.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar


Over 20 mln people fully vaccinated in Myanmar as of 4 January

About 20.91 million people have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 across the country as of 4 January 2020, according to a release from the Ministry of Health. The country is administrating the vaccines to 36.9 million people aged 18 and older.

As of 4 January, there are 15.96 million people completed full doses of the vaccine and about 4.94 million people received single doses of COVID-19, according to the Ministry. Myanmar has inoculated over 51 per cent of its population against COVID-19 so far. This year, the vaccination will continue to be given to targeted groups to improve vaccine coverage. Earlier, those above 65 years old were in the priority group to be jabbed.

Now, the priority lists for COVID-19 jabs have been increased and the lists include people above 55 years of age. Besides, COVID-19 vaccines have been provided to above 45 years starting from 17 October and to above 40 starting from 9 November, according to the ministry. Myanmar detected its first two COVID-19 positive cases on 23 March 2020. The Ministry also urged people should receive the full dose of the vaccine and those who have received the first dose to visit the nearest immunization location or near the scheduled date for the second dose. \

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar